Non-Accredited Training

Tailoring training to specific outcomes helps to ensure that specific objectives regarding content, intent, timing, budget, target audience etc. are met. We have a vast library of our own ready-to-apply programs and wealth of experience in the design of tailor-made training programs for clients including:

  • Fitness for work (Managing the risk associated with impairment due to drugs, alcohol, fatigue, physical and psychological factors)
  • Mental health and wellness
  • Select and apply risk assessment techniques
  • Leadership programs (from Leading hand through to CEO and Board level)
  • Understanding legal obligations in the workplace
  • Essential work and life skills (time management, document writing, reporting, presentation techniques, conflict management etc.)

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional training and development programs – respecting the need for engaging adult learning techniques to be applied along with game-based learning, scenario’s, practical activities, role-playing, theory in digestible chunks, quality materials and quality facilitators.


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