Client Testimonials

‘’ MacMahon have worked with Tectra Australia for over 2 years at the Byerwen Coal Mine site for QCoal in Glenden, Queensland. During this time Tectra have provided exceptional training and assessing to our staff through either recognised prior learning or verification of competency. Tectra’s trainers are abundantly experienced in the civil and mining industries and always undertake their training and/or assessing in a timely and professional manner.  We had extremely tight deadlines for this project and we could always rely on Tectra to assist us in ensuring the project ran smoothly and on time.’’
George Lewis, Project Manager
- MPC Kinetic
” Tectra’s Trainers/Assessors are highly skilled, experienced and always deliver quality training and assessing to our personnel. They are content experts with many years of experience and current knowledge on legislation and machinery which sets them apart from other trainers. As well they have the ability and willingness to work in with our own Trainer / Assessors and lend a helping hand when needed. Tectra Australia have provided us with face to face quality and in-depth training along with RPL and VOC assessing ensuring our crews are upskilled and recognised for there years of experience.’’
Irene Leard, Manager
- Jangga Operations
” Tectra have delivered exceptional face to face training which includes a thorough Literacy, Language and Numeracy (LLN) assessment that assist our people who have LLN difficulties still achieve competency, and gave them the confidence to undertake this training. Tectra have provided both Equipment and Standard 11 training for our Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders personnel with their friendly, professional and patient trainer/assessors’’.
Anthony Beasley, Director
- Advanced Solutions Group
” Tectra has proven to be able to provide credible, sustainable and flexible services to our training and development needs. The Trainer/Assessors have the confidence, enthusiasm and degree of passion that we actively seek to promote through our services. The reliability of Tecta to provide credible fit-for-purpose solutions is an admirable quality that we pride in our ongoing relationship.’’

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