About Us

Tectra Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian based company that was formed by bringing together a team of renowned technical professionals all holding great respect across their chosen fields of Safety, Statutory Positions, Leadership, Project, Training and Risk Management.
From our offices across Queensland, we operate as a dedicated business solutions provider and partner to clients within the areas of mining, Gas fields, exploration, educational services, infrastructure, local government, civil construction and major projects.
We are committed to adding value to our clients in their core business and as such provide competitively priced, robust, sustainable and reliable service excellence with confidence and assurance. Tectra Services values challenge, innovation, safety, sustainability, trust and the development of long term relationships with our clients, suppliers and associates.

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 We respect and value those with whom we work with
 We collaborate proactively with colleagues and clients alike to obtain the best results
 We embrace and respect the sharing of abilities, idea’s, opinions and qualities

 We work with the greatest level of integrity in all aspects of our business
 We are accountable for our services, products and relations
 We work with community groups to provide support and positive impacts

 We provide a service level that is measured by our performance
 We work to exceed our client expectations
 We promote and use innovation and initiative in all forms of our services

 We are a team and use the power of our combined skillset and experience to provide service excellence
 We work in collaboration with our clients in an inclusive and engaging manner
 We have strength through the combined abilities of all